'As The Grad Fest's Artistic Director, I have worked alongside Amy on a number of occasions now. She has always been phenomenally professional and encouraging of everyone she works with, creating a safe, creative space, resulting in detailed practical work. Her direction never appears forced and her choices are inspired by what her actors offer her, proving she is a superb listener and observer. Her writing is extremely observational, not to mention extremely current - exploring topics that are incredibly relevant to universal audiences, and even on their way to becoming mainstream (but she beats everyone else to it!). Similar to her direction, she is constantly exploring new dialogue that is inspired by her actors, when workshopping text, keeping the content fresh, resulting in very personal and detailed characters. She is very encouraging of those she works with, always seeking the positives and presenting the areas that need improvement as a moment of exploration and excitement.'

Alice Croft, Artistic Director @ The Grad Fest