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Three Of A Kind

A Brand New Musical

Who doesn't love a good musical? I love them so much that I've written one! I'm one half of the writing team behind 'Three Of A Kind', a musical exploring schizophrenia, mental health and the effects on loved ones. The musical is currently being developed, and if you would like to support the workshop process, head to the link below!

Free Writer's Feedback!

Get a fresh perspective...

Writer's - let's connect! I am offering free feedback on anything you've been working on; sketches, plays, screenplays, novels! I would love to hear from you! Especially if you're a new writer/graduate. Send me your work, pop the kettle on and let's have a chat about it.

Need a Writer? Need a Director?

Pick me!

Let's collaborate! I'm always looking for new projects to jump onboard with, so send me a pitch/proposal/mind-map, whatever you fancy. I can write, I can direct and I'll probably have a laugh about it as well.